Sunday, August 30, 2009

new moleskines

so, this 5-year diary that looks an awful lot like the one my grandmother used to keep and tell all about meeting boys behind the boat house, used to be on my wish-list.

but I think it was just replaced by the new 2010 daily 12 color 12-month diary by moleskine.

isn't it lovely?

it features 12 different colored volant notebooks encased in a black, hardcover to protect them all. Each page in the notebooks features a different day of the month, and each color is for a different month! its so cute! and it would be so much fun to change your notebook every month with a different color.

back back back

sorry for the delayed posting..

moving out of my east asian home and traveling back to the states was quite the ordeal. i've been in recovery mode for a while, which means a lot of starbucks and shopping.

mao baby made it safely home, and is now comfortably residing in an over-sized aquarium we got for FREE. He seems happy and is adjusting well. it took him a while.

the last few days i've been working with my mom on this huge project:
in a local church.. this is an in-progress picture from my mom's camera.

also, etsy find of this week, the charlie bag:

i wants!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

east west east far west

hey, just a quick update to let you know i've arrived back in the east!
central asia was incredible.. the place is just amazingly beautiful and i can't wait to share it with you.
but, seeing as i am busy seeing friends for the last time, buying last-minute gifts and packing up my life, i will just give you a snapshot of my life for the past month. real posts w more pictures to come when i am not too tired, heh.

back in the states saturday!