Friday, January 15, 2010

happy new year

i forgot to post this after the new year..

this is the 'Message toward 2010' my East Asian planner has given me:

" Today is the beginning
of new happiness, new directions
and new relationships.
If you keep an smiling although in the face of
any frustration, you can
get the visa to success.
Happy New Year! "

happy everyday.

Thursday, January 14, 2010



so i made a new mix.

its called.. feets like to dance.

basically a compilation of all the songs i've been shamelessly dancing to recently.

i have fallen head over heels for Sirius XMU, indie station. its legit.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

long overdue.

It has been far too long since my last post. Though I have a whole list of excuses stored in the back of my mind, there really is none. and I apologize.

I've been pretty busy the last two months. I got a job at Hob Lob #12. I was hired as "Part-time Seasonal" but I've been working 38-46 hour weeks. That will all change on Jan 17, after inventory, when I will go to strictly part-time. Anyway, working has its ups and downs.. Dealing with angry/ridiculous customers = downs, fun co-workers and discounts = ups. Let's just say it continues to be a humbling experience, for which I am grateful. Also, I get TONS of crafting ideas.. I want to do everything. I want to make jewelry, bind my own books, decorate my future house, knit like 436278 scarves, etc. Actually, one of my goals for this year is to take part in a craft show. I think it would be fun! I have realized that one of my passions is making things with my hands.. and why not make pretty things, and then spread the love. Because I certainly don't have the space to keep everything I create.

Anyway, here are some of the projects I've had going on in the last couple of months:

first, it was the pinwheel baby quilt for my cousin's little girl, Leah June. This was really fun because it was my 3rd quilt I made by myself and my first try at triangles! I was grateful that it was made for a baby though. Also fun about making it for a baby girl: ruffle trim!

Little Leah June was born on Dec 17, and yesterday we went to visit and deliver the long over due quilt. I think she likes it. :)

another quilt is for my cousin Taylor:

When I showed her the baby quilt on Thanksgiving, she decided that's what she wanted for Christmas. So, I've been working on it for a while, and hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. Let's hope.

I also made her a cock-eyed owl to match, isn't he fun!?

And, guess what I spent Christmas Eve doing?! Learning to Crochet! My grandma taught me to knit when I was a kid, but I never learned how to crochet.. so I watched a few youtube videos and set out to make a yokoo-esque cowl. I ran out of yarn, so it isn't as big, but I like it! And I've got quite a few compliments on it.. I even told a girl at work that I would make her one too.. I am still waiting on the yarn..

ps. yes, that is a picture of me, nakie, as a baby, sitting in a tub in the background.

Last, is probably one of my favorite, on-going, long-term projects that will take quite some time to complete. And now I will reveal a little of my idea...

I decided a while a go (actually I decided in early July while traveling) that I wanted to do something with all of the pictures I took while exploring the East. I decided that I want to make an illustrated journal/organizer/day planner thing.
I took a lot of pictures of details, and I thought I would turn it all into something lovely that people can carry around.. thus, the idea of taking part in a craft-show.
I am also looking into publishers/printers who use recycled paper and soy-based ink, but I am having a difficult time finding them in Houston. I have two companies I'm looking at now, but I still have a while before I get to that point. I am thinking it will be ready to be used as a 2011 Planner.. So hopefully you will see a finished product in November-December. Let me know if you want one!

here is a sneak-peek:

The illustrating is pretty time-consuming, especially since I am pretty much working full-time and have about a million other projects I'm working on.. (still working on your recipe cards, stephie!) and I have so many more ideas.. and of course, I am still looking for a real job in my field (I have some prospects in the next 3 weeks, chat for me!).

Anyway, I just thought I would update you on my life for a while.. I've been pretty MIA, but I'm working on it.
also, this shot is from about a month ago when it froze and we had a pretty good snow..
Right now we are having a 'Big Freeze' and it should get into the 20's tomorrow.. so lets hope for snow!

ok. back to quilting and drinking beer.