Monday, November 16, 2009

happy bday

Saturday was Where My Feets Have Been's one year birthday!

so, in celebration, I'm posting some Feets highlights from the past year. get ready for a lengthy post!

we took soo many trips to get street food:

relaxed on some beaches:

fed some monkeys:

ate lots of korean barbeque:

prepared for below 0 temperatures:

wished you a merry christmas!

danced in the new year:

took LOTS of trains:

experienced monsoon season in malaysia:

walked above the jungle:

were pampered in vietnam:

took some tiny planes:

admired the streets of central asia:

and made it safely back to houston.

wow, what a year!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the f-a-r-m

this weekend I went up to Willis / New Waverly to visit my grandparents.

They live on our family farm, and I hadn't been there in soooo long!

i drove down the country road to get to the Womack gate:

My grandparents live in a big house, but I stayed in the little red guest house. It used to be a milk house, but my other grandma transformed it into a guest house in the 50's. this is where my family always stays when we come up. When I was a kid, we would get excited about sleeping in the 3-tiered bunk beds.

we hand fed some babies...

and i took the required jumping pic by the pond.

ps. we have to spell out 'farm' because the dogs know the word, and they'll go crazy if they hear it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

this one

goes out to the one i love.

this is a post to show my collection of b&w fish eyes. i know you are all dying to see them. hah

first up, bday celebrations..

just cause i really like my shoes. :)

bday roses.. thanks stephie!

now off to santa clara..

carolyn's favorite house.

oh the palm trees.. i've been kind of scared of them ever since i heard of people being killed by falling palms :/ makes those 9-story tall palm trees in Berkeley a little scary

and greg and I at the air show weeeee

it was game day.. even though cal is embarrassing me this year, i still have to represent.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

all hallows eve

this year, I got to dress up as one in a mighty duo.
none other than wayne campbell.

Greg, my trusted sidekick, was Garth. and we spent the evening sharing many high fives, psych-ing people out, and saluting the numerous babes at the party. I also got to make an acceptance speech.. yes, we won "most original costume" haha

hope your halloween was as exciting!

ps. the b&w pics were taken with my lovely bright orange fish-eye lomo. I had this b&w film sitting around forever and needed to use it up. more lomo's coming shortly.