Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yesterday, I was in KFC for a good.... I don't know, 3 hours. We went to another city to visit and needed a good place to hide from the freezing temperatures outside. Western restaurants like mckies, KFC and, my personal favorite, Starbucks (which we do not have in my city ☹ ) are really great because they are a guaranteed quiet, clean place with nice bathrooms and lots of seating.

Anyway, I was there during lunch. And this was a particularly hard thing for me. I was REALLY tempted to eat a chicken sandwich – they just looked soooo good. But I was able to control myself and went somewhere else for lunch.

Aside from an egg tart a few weeks ago, and maybe some biscuits during growth group, I have not eaten any KFC products in about 8 years. When I was a sophomore in high school, I watched some video (probably circulated by PETA) about how their chickens live in horrible conditions and they cut their beaks off with this awful machine. Even though I really really loved their triple crunch chicken sandwich, I vowed never to give my money to KFC again. And technically, I have not.

Being here, I have been very tempted to buy some delicious KFC goodness because it is convenient, tastes like home, and you can’t go wrong with some good old fried chicken. And sometimes I think, “it doesn’t count because these chickens aren’t from America,” or “well, everyone treats their chickens the same, and I eat chicken all of the time, and love McDonald’s chicken so what is the difference?” But I guess it is the principle… I watched some stupid movie, and decided I would take a stand against KFC. So take THAT Colonel Sanders!


Molly said...

You have clearly been maintaining this blog for some time and have only now informed your friends of it. What gives? I enjoyed reading about your adventures!

Digsy said...

i used to think that.

my word verification is "balls"! haha