Saturday, January 3, 2009


I watched Amelie the other day and one thing I really appreciate in movies is character development. In Amelie, the characters are introduced to the story by stating their likes (or little things that bring them joy) and dislikes. I was thinking... if I were to be introduced into Amelie's story, how would I be introduced....?

This is Jena. She dislikes the last sip of any drink, grimy feet and feet on or near her pillow, and when protective films are left on electronics.
She sleeps best surrounded by pillows, her favorite toothpaste is Aim... only the green kind though, not the blue. When she finds a store that carries the green kind, she will buy all they have in stock. Because she has never lived in a place with freezing temperatures, she likes stepping on patches of ice on the sidewalk.

now, its your turn.. if you are reading this, you MUST answer these questions:
1. How would you introduce me?
2. How would you be introduced? What are some little things others may not know about you?


Stephanie said...

This is Jena. She likes dancing a special little robot-Jena dance to the theme song of Grey's Anatomy, and her curly curly hair bounces around when she does so. Most of the movies she likes are incredibly artsy, but she can also curl up with a good episode of Jon and Kate plus 8. Her voice just hints at a Southern accent when talking to her mom on the phone, and her giggle is infectious!

Aubrey said...

This is Jena. She likes shopping by herself to have time with her thoughts, eating bread with nothing on it and taking care of her little turtle baby. She dislikes East Asia grammar and despises stinky tofu.

and now for mine....?
This is Aubrey. She likes quotes, poems and making up her own words. She doesn't know anything about current music but loves to rock out to whatever her roommates are listening to. She would be happy eating Mexican food everyday for the rest of her life. She dislikes schedules and group planning.

Stephanie said...

As Aubrey so insistently informed me, I failed to introduce myself. Since neither of you know me AT ALL, I'm gonna do a good job now.

This is Stephanie. She thinks sleeping on her right side is more comfortable. She loves tweezing eyebrows...anyone's eyebrows. She started writing in cursive last year in an effort to appear more grownup on paper. She can down an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting, especially Haagen Daz coffee! (But chooses not to all the time for bloaty stomach feeling reasons)

cinr said...

this is jena. she looks at everything with an artful eye, and can make even the most mundane things look interesting on her camera. she loves to drive, even for long periods of time. she is listening to music before you have discovered it. she loves.

this is cindy. she goes by many names and doesn't prefer one over the other so call her what you want. she loves things that are green and chocolate that is dark. she thinks tap water is the best tasting water, and she can't stand arrowhead or sparkletts because the purification erases all the best flavors. she longs for something more, but for now sits and waits.

Jess said...

this is jena. she makes you feel comfortable and at ease the first time you meet her. like you could fart in front of her and not care that she'd think you're weird. perhaps she does but you still feel loved by her anyway. she's usually up for whatever fun, even taking a nighttime stroll to lululemon and eating random food from their "celebration party." she likes dark chocolate from scharffenberger and used to enjoy dipping her popscicle in the chlorinated pool. her smile, i miss. and her heart, i love.

this is jess. she loves the corners and edge pieces of desserts and marvels at the idea of getting "ice-creamed" in the face one day. she can't stand being alone and if it were possible, would have someone by her side 24/7. she can't seem to sleep in much in the morning and doesn't usually wake up past 9am. she is easily amused and somehow bursts into fits of giggles for no good reason.


Geez how am I suppose to top these?

This is Jena
She is the most well-liked, charming, compassionate person that I know even though if you would ask her she would strongly disagree because she is awfully humble as well. She lives her life so full of beauty, love, creativity, and passion that van Gogh's life would seem shallow and dull in comparison. And she is an avid fan of chicken, salad, and soup. She eats like a bird when not forced or supervised. She has a nose of a hunting dog and she dislikes people that blow their nose at the dinner table.

This is Carolyn
She is unusually tall...period. Not just tall for an Asian, and not just tall for a girl, just tall for a human being apparently. She has an obsessive personality and an array of dramatic, explosive emotions to go along with that obsessive personality. She likes milk chocolate and mint, but dislikes when they are put together. She believes that only dark chocolate should be paired with mint and that mint should be green, if possible. She will tolerate white colored mint if she must.

Laura said...

This is Jena. She is beautiful even after multiple days without sleep. Her creative juices are always overflowing with ideas and she has the magical ability to turn even the dullest piece of junk into something worth keeping forever. Jena is the most handy lady I know and she gets super excited when a new power tool has been added to her collection. Jena has the thinnest and flimsiest fingernails that I have ever met and a smile that will brighten a room. Turquoise is her favorite color. Jena is a good listener with a quiet and gentle spirit.

This is Laura. She has a weakness for cheese and sashimi but rarely consumes baked goods. Laura dreams about climbing Mt. Fuji and visiting Prince Edward Island because that's where Anne of Green Gables is. Latest hobbies include stalking the deer who live in the forest behind her, attempting to build snowmen out of powdery snow, and perfecting her pork bun making methods.