Saturday, February 7, 2009

welcome to KL.

We were greeted in Kuala Lumpur by a torrential downpour.. our hostel owner (who we refer to as Lex) said it was "nothing." Apparently the monsoon season is in the middle of switching from the east coast to the west coast, so we would be in for more rainy days..

we didn't let that stop us though.. we headed out for some awesome indian/malay food and took a stroll to the towers..

So, the Petronas Towers are basically Kuala Lumpur's claim to fame. And aren't they gorgeous at night?

Designed by Cesar Pelli, they were the world's tallest buildings until 2004 when Taipei 101 was completed and became the tallest... But they are still the largest Twin Towers. The decoration and the floor plan of the towers is meant to reflect the Muslim state of Malaysia. Also noteworthy: The towers are made of reinforced concrete, not steel... making it ridiculously heavy on its foundation.

we went a couple of days later to go up and walk along the bridge that connects the towers... which is the highest double decker bridge in the world! The view wasn't as great as I thought it would be, and the lights on the inside of the elevator didn't even light up! But it was still cool to actually be inside the towers..

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G said...

Yo feets is crazy J! What they doing so close to that tower? Sorry i missed your call online today!