Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i like...

i went to this really cool retreat center on sunday. Because it was sunday, and the place is brand new, it was closed, so we just wandered around and spoke to a few people. The site is situated on the outskirts of the city, where land is really cheap. It used to be a industrial park, but was bought a number of years ago by a rich architect (who is mia for the next 6 months learning taoism). He took the land and the 7+ buldings on the site and turned it into his office and a retreat center. all of the buildings have been renovated, and his office and 10 students/employees work in the first building. There is a traditional medicine house, a restaurant, and a tea house.

as you can tell, i am fascinated by different ground coverings.. this whole place was covered with old clay roof tiles... and where the tiles were missing, they filled in with wood or other tiles.

the inside of a warehouse building that looked finished on one side, complete with conference tables and chairs; but looked unfinished on the other end with piles of rubble and an old loom... with the thread and fabric still attached...

in other news, a friend recently noticed my rook piercing and after talking about how much it hurt for a few minutes, he told me, "You are so... so... ROCK!" it was awesome.

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