Monday, March 8, 2010

international women's day!

Monday was International Women's Day and to celebrate, I went to work. ha.

There are 29 countries who celebrate the day as an official holiday. Obviously the US is not one of them, but for the past two years I was able to celebrate the day in two countries who do.
In 2008, I was in Rome, Italy working on my thesis. On this day we used the opportunity to go to a celebration at Corviale, my thesis site. It was a very interesting experience which included a 2-hour long video about Women's liberation in Italy... all in Italian of course. We did receive yellow mimosas though, which is tradition, and very lovely indeed. If you want to read more about my day there click here... which is a link to the Thesis blog I kept back when.

Last year, in 09 we celebrated in E. Asia! Our teacher 马老师, took us to eat at a brazilian bbq buffet. It was both a strange and delicious experience. I miss her and all of these lovely ladies sooooo..

Next year, maybe I will be more up on my game and be able to celebrate with a nice dinner or cupcakes or something. maybe.

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