Monday, January 3, 2011


This is a little segment I like to call... XING BU XING. (行不行?)

sooo... "xingbuxing?" means "is this OK or not?"
here are some translations from the internet: " all right; capable; competent; OK; okay; to go; to do; to travel; temporary; to walk; to go; will do"

to explain this a little better, I've thought of some illustrations.

Case #1: You want to add some hot spice to the soup you are sharing with your friend, you ask "xing bu xing?" and she replies "xing" "OK, that's fine".

Case #2: You are riding in a taxi to the train station because you are extremely late, and the driver has the audacity to try to pick up another passenger and not use the meter (so he doesn't have to pay taxes). He starts to pull over and you yell, "BU XING!!" "HEY! That is NOT OK!"

Case #3: You make your morning coffee, add the sugar, and then go to the fridge for your milk/creamer. You find that the milk is.. oh no.. expired.. for like 3 days. You are feeling really sad because your coffee is just not complete without the creaminess. Then you remember there is a tub of vanilla ice cream sitting in the freezer.. you add a spoonful of ice cream to your coffee.. all the while thinking to yourself, "行不行?"

xing in my book.

Homemade Blue Bell Ice Cream is the perfect way to saaayy
Have yourself a Blue Bell Country daaayy


Stephanie said...

Soooo very 行!!太行了!oh jena. I love your philosophy on life

Aubrey said...

Very very Xing!! just to let you know, they actually have a word for ice cream with a shot of espresso on top... its called an affogato! so really you're not far off at all... and I love you and miss you and want a "special Jena cafe ala mode" right NOW!

Kristin said...

行!!!!! :)hehe, I love this <3

Anonymous said...

great idea! I'll admit... usually I'll just pour a tiny bit of the sour milk in... but ice cream - GENIUS!