Monday, May 23, 2011

on the way

this past saturday, I had the honor of attending Melanie and Evan's wedding in Crawford. It was so cute, sweet, and glorifying to the Lord. They were married in a little white church surrounded by pastureland. My GPS took me down a bunch of one lane roads through this:

It was so pretty! and since it was stormy, the sky looked really cool. After driving through this for a while, I was greeted by a little hand-painted sign that simply said, "WEDDING" so I knew I was on the right path. Between the ceremony and reception, I went back through the roads to take some more pictures.

I won't post any pictures of the bride and groom without their permission, but I will say it was such a joyful occasion!

On the way back to Houston, I passed through Calvert, TX.. which is about two blocks of "old town" very quaint. I stopped to explore a little and found this cool building with trees growing in the middle.

it was a nice trip, and I decided I love Texas a lot, and someday I want to build/buy a plantation house with creaky wood floors, a huge wrap-around porch, and lots of pastures, cows, and rope swings .. where my kids can spend their summers smelling like fresh air and sunshine, not coming home until dusk, and catching lightning bugs. yep that would be nice.


Greg G said...

My favorite parts of the drive to and from Lubbock were going through the old towns. Best part of Texas road trips!

Mel said...

I give you permission!! You have such awesome photo skillz :)