Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Feets have moved!


As of this past friday, I am an Austinite.

been fixin the place up.. it's getting there. I really want to explore the city, but it is just way too hot to set out on foot. seriously. the high is 105 today. and tomorrow? 107. ridiculous. fall weather please get here fast.
I rode my bike to campus yesterday and almost had a heat stroke on the return trip. not to mention the basket on the back was making the brakes brake, making this high pitched AWFUL NOISE. I was SO EMBARRASSED. Finally got it fixed. thank you clown bike shop.

Today, I took the bus to campus and it wasn't too bad. only a 4 minute ride! I am hoping its not too crowded when the semester starts. And I stopped by the Library. I heard that the library was a little difficult to get used to.. really who knows how to used the library of congress catalog system? But it wasn't that bad once I found a map. And I get to keep Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire until Jan 22. woot

In other news, guys, I am totally experiencing a spiritual slump. will you guys please pray for me? I went to the Austin Stone church this past sunday, and the message was very convicting. I know that I've been pretty lazy in my walk with the Lord these past several months, but that message hit me like a ton of bricks. please pray for a stirring in my soul and a desire to KNOW Him deeply and truly. How can I say I Love Jesus when I do not whole-heartedly pursue Him, meet with Him daily, and seek HIM in all things?

I am also really hungry for a biblical community to be apart of, and I hopefully will find a church to be grounded in soon. I'll let you know how the process goes. I went to Austin Stone on a number of recommendations - they are part of the SBC, but a little out-there. Many many students and young people - and this church is BIG - 7-8? services every sunday at two locations. I went to the 1100 service, and it was packed. They did fulfill my #1 though - I heard the Gospel in the message. The only thing that concerns me is that before the pastor shared the gospel, he said something to the effect of "many of you don't know what the meat of the gospel is." or something - it leads me to wonder how often it is shared in the large-group setting. But, I will definitely need to attend more Sunday services before I can make any assumptions.

Also, guys, my dear friend David Brown received a kidney on Sunday! I am so so so happy for him! He'd been on the transplant list for 5 years. He is 4 days with the new kidney, and so far so good. pray that he has a quick recovery!


Arijaan said...

Jena, great post! Your place looks great, your biking experience made me laugh, love your honesty (prayed for you!), and yay for your friend with a new kidney. I'm at STINT briefing right now - using the bag you made me everyday! :) xoxo

Aubrey said...

You've Moved!! man- that went fast. So much was packed into that little snipit of Austinite life. Ditto Arjiann- also: Lovin you wholeheartedly and praying for a growing Godly community for you (praying righhhhhttt... now.) Amen.