Monday, April 13, 2009

cotton flurries.

so the cottonwoods bloomed (is that the correct word?) this past weekend and I had so much fun playing around in the little flurries... it was like snow in april. My dad informed me that we do, indeed, have these in the states, but they have been banned in the Houston area due to the amount of problems they cause. That would explain my fascination with these strange seed pods. for a few days, these little clouds of cottony-seeds drifted in the wind around every corner, and piles of 'cotton' formed in the gutters and alleys. they were even stuck in my eyelashes!

anyway, I had some fun filming the playfulness of the puffs on my campus. and as usual, I put it to music. this time Sufjan - Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois.

ps. i've decided i hate youtube. my videos look like crap! any suggestions?

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Greg said...

In the past, around any comment involving cotton, I would usually say "Welcome to Lubbock". Guess I cant do that anymore! I hope all is well.