Sunday, April 12, 2009

how i do.

a short list of things i do now that i didn't do before living in asia:

• Yawn without covering my mouth
• Spit bones on the table
• Dance in public
• Talk about people right in front of them
Fight for my right to buy produce
• Use tea to wash my cup, then pour tea onto floor/into ash-tray
• Eat every meal with chopsticks… even if I am eating mashed potatoes
• Wake up at 6:30 every morning
• Make my own coffee
• Carry toilet paper and hand wipes everywhere
• Take pictures with people I don't know
• Throw toilet paper into trashcan instead of flushing it
• Wash vegetables with soap or salt
• Take a cab everyday. Before coming here, I think I had ridden in a cab twice
• Walk into on-coming traffic
• Receive text messages that have ridiculous amounts of compliments and end in "I am happy to be your friend" and then never hear from them again.
• Bargain for everything
• Eat hen duo rice
• Go to bed before midnight
• Understand what it is like to be illiterate
• Have my phone number circulate through a room of people in a matter of minutes
• Give lectures on a semi-regular basis
• Like eating mantou!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

You are so beautiful I want my hair to be like your hair your smile is so big and pretty and the bunny and the eggs I AM SO HAPPY WE ARE FRIENDS!!!

Jie hun ba?!