Friday, June 12, 2009

happy anniversary ralphie!

Today, is Ralphie (my sweet little mac) and my one year anniversary. We have been through a lot together this last year. after being without an electronic friend for a whole month, ralphie came into my life all silvery and shiny, and he talked to me! something bobby never did. then, we moved to east asia together. his battery lasts so long, so he was able to keep me company in the airport.
anyway, the one year anniversary is a big step because it means one thing: my apple warantee expires. now, i have had Ralph taken in for services twice in the past year, so it took me a while to decide if i wanted to make the commitment and buy the applecare extension. well, last night, i decided to make the biggest purchase i've made in a long time, and i bought it. ahh

spending all that money, put me in the mood to.. spend more money. which sparked a online window shopping extravaganza that last until about 2 am. I didn't buy anything, but i came dangerously close. I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful things i found on one of my favorite shopping sites, supermarket!

first up, nervous system
i have admired their work for some time now, but last night i came dangerously close to buying this amazing ring made with a 3d printer:

this set of three rings is by onestonenewyork and is just dainty and lovely

this cute owl pendant is by Melanie Favreau of Quebec!

Alisha Louise Designs makes all these fabulous art deco inspired earrings and necklaces... i really love them

another dainty ring design by Anne Kiel Jewelry in Austin!

this pretty cedar necklace by smallthings of, who would guess, portland is so awesome, too bad its $86!
and of course an illustration by valerydesignwrks. i really love her wall decals too.

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