Wednesday, June 24, 2009


so, i wrote about my friend Emily who invited me to her home, and then wine and dined me the entire time... well, she has been calling periodically to check up on me and make sure i am taking my pills and drinking enough water and how my health is doing. Yesterday, she gave me a call saying that her mom was in town and she wanted to see me, so we made plans to hang out today. Then, she asked me how my mother's health was doing. I told her it was fine, she doesn't really have any problems. i guess she asked about my mom because i told her some of my health 'problems' were passed down from my mom.

well, today, i went to go see them and so we appropriately meet in the vitamin store. I think this is a little odd, but it totally makes sense. As soon as I walk in, they tell me that her mom has bought me all of these new pills for me. she bought me a TON more zinc, some for my digestive tract (that will also help me lose weight apparently), some green tea toothpaste that i don't really understand what its supposed to do, and a ton of powder medicine for my mother, so she doesn't have any aches and pains.

the loot:

please excuse our collection of bottles in the background.

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