Monday, September 14, 2009

hey! I had that book

my brother is now a junior in high school. a few days ago, I saw his physics book out on the counter, and exclaimed "Hey, I had that SAME book!" I opened it to find the name of one of my friends a few lines above my brother's.
A few days later, I saw his Lit book on the couch and said, "Hey, I had that same book too!"
we opened it to find that I literally, had the SAME book 7 years ago.

i asked him, "didn't you notice that my name was in there when you signed your name in it??"
to which i got an "iunno" ...typical.


Greg G said...

Haha, I see Klumpians name! I remember those good ol days of not paying for books. Jena...are you the reason that book is so worn out? Did someone actually DO their homework?

Stephanie said...


gooo brother sister book. I think you guys should make Zach sign it anyway and just pretend

Kristin said...

haha! That is awesome!

Aubrey said...

DUDE I had the same books too. Well, since I don't see my name, maybe not the SAME one, but crazy blast from the past!