Tuesday, September 8, 2009

our water guy

this past year, we were not able to drink tap water, so we had to call and have some spring water delivered about every two weeks. we got to know our water guy pretty well over the course of the 6 months we knew him. we would see him on the street a lot, he would come over for short english lessons, we would give him little gifts from the places we traveled and he even brought his daughter over one time.

well, the night before we left, we got an unexpected knock on the door. who was it, but ding wen cheng, our water guy. he was so happy that he caught us before we left, and said he had a present for us.

he had this russian guy who lives across the street sketch his portrait for us, so that we would never forget him. isn't that the sweetest thing ever? now i know i will always remember him

also found this pic of my feets on a rainy day in berkeley, circa feb, 2008:

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