Wednesday, October 28, 2009

leaving my heart in the bay area

all over again.

yep, i took a trip out to the 'left coast' (as my father so lovingly refers to california) this past weekend to visit my loves.

i was SO GREAT!

I went to berkeley to visit Jess and eat frozen yogurt. I took a trip to wurster to visit a professor, and went up to the 8th floor for my favorite view of the bay.

I stopped by the house Ellen and I used to live in, and the former residence of the purple velvet couch. the couch has since moved to Stanley Hall for safe keeping. Sadly, I was not able to visit it. :(

oh how i miss you, 2539 durant.
and i found this outside our house: weird?

It was great to visit Carolyn's new 'hood, and I think I know my way around south bay prettyyyy darn well.

look at my little law student, all grown up.

and we of course had to pick up the school newspaper and try the sudoku... none of us could finish it. :/ but the santa clara library is hella tight.. you should check it out.

on sunday, we got all swanky and set out on a surprise adventure...

to a tea house!

mmmmm so good..

this past weekend was a much much needed retreat from tx and the job search. i am coming home refreshed and re-energized (except for the migraines that keep attacking me). i love you guys so much, and miss you like crazy. Maybe the job search will lead me out there and then i will never have to leave you again.
and i have to mention coopy somewhere:

i loves him the most.

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