Sunday, October 18, 2009

rainbow cake!

yesterday, i embarked on the crazy experience of the making rainbow cake.

the gel colors my dad purchased for me (thanks dad!) turned out to be more My Little Pony rainbow rather than Rainbow Brite... but thats ok!

even dakota liked it!

with that chocolate frosting, it tasted GREAT!

if you want to try and make your own rainbow cake, you can get the really easy recipe here

the recipe says to double it.. so I did.. but it made the cake rise really high in the middle, and i figured if i cut the top of one to stack them, i would cut some of the color off. So, I decided to just make 2 separate cakes. which turned out fine because i had one with chocolate icing, and the other with vanilla... but my family isn't picky at all so it didn't matter.. ha
Also, I made this cake using the low-fat recipe (which calls for clear diet soda instead of everything else) and I think the soda made the cake a little flimsy and crumbly. Usually my box cake doesn't do this, so i am attributing it to the use of soda. One of my cakes completely fell apart as I took it out of the mold.. I ate some of it, and stacked and mushed the other parts together as best I could and then covered it with frosting. In the end, you couldn't even tell!


Aubrey said...

You made RAINBOW CAKE!!! wooohoooo!!! I wanna make it! LOVE you

Joanna Goddard said...