Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i had a dream that i was riding my bike around north berkeley. I saw you, and we waved at each other.
le sigh.

oh how i miss those bright blue skies

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

another mix

hehe... i made another one...

this one is also full of sleepy music... but whatevs. its what i like.

it's 9 tracks long and 29 minutes.

Friday, April 17, 2009

mix tapes.

So, Cindy, you totally inspired me a couple of weeks ago to create a mixtape.. So i decided to make a Saturday Morning mix a few weeks ago... and then I made another one today..
I am testing out this site.. so we will see how it works.. They are both a mix of many of my favorite songs.. and i hope i haven't put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak.

the first is 23.8 minutes of pretty mellow stuff

the second is 32.2 minutes of more upbeat, great saturday morning stuff.. what I listened to this saturday morning. Hope this makes your birthday morning great, Laura!!

just click play and listen to it while you do other stuff to start your awesome saturday morning

yay enjoy!


so, over here, public toilets don't really provide toilet paper for you. i was a little freaked out when i first decided to come, and a friend told me that i would have to carry around my own toilet paper with me at all times. i imagined a backpack full of rolls of toilet paper or my purse with a huge roll bulging out. In actuality "rolls" of toilet paper are the most expensive kind and we only use them at home.

we really get to carry around these cute little packets of tissue! just like all of the cute little notebooks, if you are going to carry something around with you all of the time it might as well be cute. so for your viewing pleasure, I have taken a little snapshot of my favorite varieties of tissue paper.

Monday, April 13, 2009

cotton flurries.

so the cottonwoods bloomed (is that the correct word?) this past weekend and I had so much fun playing around in the little flurries... it was like snow in april. My dad informed me that we do, indeed, have these in the states, but they have been banned in the Houston area due to the amount of problems they cause. That would explain my fascination with these strange seed pods. for a few days, these little clouds of cottony-seeds drifted in the wind around every corner, and piles of 'cotton' formed in the gutters and alleys. they were even stuck in my eyelashes!

anyway, I had some fun filming the playfulness of the puffs on my campus. and as usual, I put it to music. this time Sufjan - Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois.

ps. i've decided i hate youtube. my videos look like crap! any suggestions?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

how i do.

a short list of things i do now that i didn't do before living in asia:

• Yawn without covering my mouth
• Spit bones on the table
• Dance in public
• Talk about people right in front of them
Fight for my right to buy produce
• Use tea to wash my cup, then pour tea onto floor/into ash-tray
• Eat every meal with chopsticks… even if I am eating mashed potatoes
• Wake up at 6:30 every morning
• Make my own coffee
• Carry toilet paper and hand wipes everywhere
• Take pictures with people I don't know
• Throw toilet paper into trashcan instead of flushing it
• Wash vegetables with soap or salt
• Take a cab everyday. Before coming here, I think I had ridden in a cab twice
• Walk into on-coming traffic
• Receive text messages that have ridiculous amounts of compliments and end in "I am happy to be your friend" and then never hear from them again.
• Bargain for everything
• Eat hen duo rice
• Go to bed before midnight
• Understand what it is like to be illiterate
• Have my phone number circulate through a room of people in a matter of minutes
• Give lectures on a semi-regular basis
• Like eating mantou!