Friday, February 12, 2010

cupcake explosions

so I wanted to make a ton of valentine cupcakes for people.. work, life group, friends, family, etc. so i got some recipes off of Bakerella and set about making some delicious fun.. the chocolate ones kind of exploded in the oven for various reasons, but the yellow-cake ones turned out pretty decent.

All of the supplies on the baking aisle in Hobby Lobby have been calling my name for a while, so I finally bought some decorating tools and had some fun!

I think they turned out pretty nice.. Atleast they look pretty even if the cake was a little dense.. I really need to work on my baking skills.

Also on Wednesday, I got to play mommy to this little guy:

I found him in wandering in the rain a few blocks from my house.. his owner was no where to be found. It was getting dark, and I was afraid his 4-pound soul would be turned into owl or coyote food, so I picked him up and brought him home. (we have one owl that stalks the neighborhood at night, he's huge! And I saw a coyote in DAYLIGHT run through my front yard the other day.. kind of scary.)
he makes Dakota look like a monster!

His dad came to claim him yesterday evening.. it was a good thing I picked him up, because he had just left for a 14-hour work shift when lil' toot (aka Nugget) had escaped.


Stephanie said...

ahhhhhhhhh cutest little baby ever. EVER. ahhhh. I mean, it's good that he has a daddy and he went home and it's a good thing that you found him and not me because I would be tempted to never let him leave my house again. Just saying.

Also, your cupcakes are beautiful!! Good job lover!

Digsy said...

Oh my god that story makes me cry.