Friday, February 5, 2010

daisy girl

lately, my days have been full of heaping bowls of chili and cornbread:

and daisy:

Recently, daisy has been completely glued to me. Everywhere I go, she's right on my heels. If I fall asleep while watching tv, she's right there next to my bed, asleep as well. This is new for me.. usually the dogs follow my mom around, so its nice to have someone follow me.. I still don't really understand why she's taken such a liking to me all of the sudden, she never did this before.. but its fun! She even tried to jump on my bed last night... she's not a jumper, and is pushing 10 years old, so she didn't quite make it, but its the thought right?

also, since she's my new best friend, she gets to try on all of the headbands I've been making for my cousin. She's such a great model, don't you think?


Stephanie said...

1) chili + cornbread...beautiful

2) daisy...BEAUTIFUL!

3) that headband...omgah

Digsy said...

I love her!

Aubrey said...

i want a headband... do you ship internationally?