Monday, April 12, 2010


back when baby mao bi was a baby?

remember when I made this video of him eating in his red carrying case..

When I got him, I actually got two turtles, who fit into that red carrying case very comfortably..

back when he was the size of an yi yuan coin:

now, he's pretty much quadrupled in size: (same yi yuan coin, about the size of a quarter)

and won't even fit into that carrying case...

so crazy how much he can grow in a year and a half! and I think most of that growing was in the last 6 months... my mom always thinks he's starving.

He's got some weird stuff on his shell that the vet will soon take care of.. but for now, he very much enjoys his life of leisure. He swims and swims and sleeps on his basking rock, and climbs up on the filter and then dives off... he even swims backwards when he gets too excited about food. And he actually prefers to eat out of my hand rather than me drop his food in the tank.

Yesterday, I got him a girlfriend. a felt girlfriend with flowers.

He already had CJ as a companion, so now he has a lady friend too.


Stephanie said...

oh mao studmuffin! That lady turtle is very lucky to have you

Aubrey said...

MAO- you're soo grown up!! Wow Jena... i didn't realize how big he'd gotten. So much love with do that i guess! (i was shocked by his pic next to the carrying case.)

i remember buying you little baby mao bi... now you definitely represent your name well!!

echen said...

wait: but if mao is a girl, does that make her a lesbian!