Sunday, April 25, 2010


I make bags now..

It all started in the middle of march when I decided to make some tote bags for my mom for her birthday.. and then it morphed into me learning how to make pockets and attach clasps:

and then I started experimenting with different styles (still very simple, box-like):

anyway, its been fun creating things.. the architect in me likes making bags because it involves taking a 2d object and making it 3d.. so fun!

I also designed a tag for them using my chinese name stamp. I felt it was appropriate because the name stamp is like a signature and used on artwork.. i dunno 行不行?

I even got Daisy to be a model, which only works if I have a tennis ball in one hand.

Hopefully I will be selling these at an arts and crafts fair on Saturday, so I made some zebra ones too:

Its been a fun distraction.. and as long as my sewing machine that my grandma bought in the 70's keeps working, I'll be set for saturday! updates to follow of course. hehe


Stephanie said...

I'm telling you what I think, NOW! I love them soooooo much!!! If I went there I would buy like 50 of them, seriously!! Cutest evs...go go grandmas machine!

cinr said...

Those are so good, and that is one attractive model you have posing with the bag.
I want you to teach me to sew. I have a sewing machine purchased in the 70s too, so let's say you teach me.

Digsy said...

Those look awesome. Open an Etsy store!

Kristin said...

Jena! You are so cool!!! I wish I had half of your creativity! I agree--open an Etsy shop! I would totally buy one =) Um, and your name stamp signature is TOTALLY 行 LOVE it

Aubrey said...

I already told you that I want like a bazillion!! wooohoo- also, cute fabrics! can't wait for the "how it went" post after saturday!