Monday, May 3, 2010

art in the park

so, as you guys know.. maybe.. I participated in the First Annual Art in the Park in F-wood. My mom, our friend Carrie, and I shared two booths and sat around all day on saturday trying to sell stuff.. I was the only one who sold anything.. hah

My mom has started making custom headboards for kids.. and Carrie whipped up some paintings the week before to sell. Because this was the first one, I don't think the people who attended knew what to expect or that there would be stuff to buy.. and I don't think they quite got the custom headboards concept.. but live and learn eh?

We hung old gates from our house in Galveston to make walls, and we put the bags and paintings on them...

This particular bag was a huge hit:

Two of the three bags I sold were of this pattern!

I made little owls to match the lining of each bag. Also, I got my grandma's old cursive typewriter and made all the tags with it.. love my $1 stamp I got from Michael's hahah

On the table, I set up little photo clips.. I had some ladies buy them for their cubicles.. and even though I only sold 3 sets, I made a $6 profit! awesome

Mr. Owl (help me name him!!! or is he a she? Henrietta? ) made an appearance, and got quite a bit of attention from the ladies..

Anyway, 1st goal of the new year completed! says the one who never makes new years resolutions...
I thought it was fun, and I know what to do and what not to do for next time.. if there is a next time.. for now, I think my sewing machine needs a break and needs to be cleaned out.. so she'll be out of commission for two weeks.

In other news, Gregor totally hooked me up w his professor at UHCL and it looks like I will get dark room access for the summer!! woooo hoooo so be on the lookout for some fun jena-printed originals. I have 8 rolls of film from the past 3-4 years that have been sitting around.. so I am pretty anxious/really nervous to find out what is on them... ahhhh I know one of them is from New Orleans 07.. so that should be fun


Greg G said...

Glad to see your bags were a hit! Did that green/brown one happen to go anywhere? I know a girl in Austin who really liked it when I showed them to her...

jena said...

hahah Yeah the green and brown one is still around, but it is smaller than the others.. I can make her a bigger one if she wants!

cinr said...

That is so awesome, I love art markets.
In New Orleans, the park near my housr had one the first weekend of the month and I LOVED going and buying.
There is a lack of these in the IE.

Deng said...

Jena! I love those bags!! I want one!
Mils :-)