Tuesday, May 18, 2010


guess what?!

Junip just released a new EP, titled Rope and Summit. Only 4 tracks, and i've only listened to it once through, but so far, i'm in love. Junip is Jose Gonzalez' Swedish band. If you haven't heard of jose, you should definitely check him out.. or at the very very least watch the sony bravia commercial that made him famous.. here. (that's the best quality version i could find..)

Anyway, you can dl the new EP for.. FREE if you join the mailing list.. which I was already apart of..

I am pretty bummed that they won't be touring at all in Texas this year.. but then I remembered I've already seen jose gonzalez.. I got to see him in SF on my 22nd birthday.. Even though I was thoroughly sleep-deprived (hadn't slept in about... 40-some odd hours due to studio) it was a very enjoyable evening, and I slept like a baby. All in all a great way to start my 22nd year.

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