Sunday, July 25, 2010

rio frio

I got back from the Frio River, in Texas Hill Country, on Thursday!

The last time I went with my family was about 9 years ago.. I can't believe it had been that long. BUT Dennis, Carolyn, Linda, Cindy, and I were able to make a stop there 2 years ago on our awesome summer road trip. We should do that again, for sure.

anyway, after driving through miles of nothingness:

we made it to the frio!

We always stay at Seven Bluff Cabins.. named because the campground is at the base of this bluff, can you see the 7?

our 5 day trip was spent relaxing at our swimming hole:

jumping off of rocks and rope swings. watching tubers float by:

We floated the river a few times, and we even rented kayaks.. those pictures to come when i develop the underwater camera.

Kendall and I found a little whirlpool near the bridge..

I miss it already, and definitely did not want to return to work yesterday.

In other news, Mao and I went to the vet on Friday for the junk on 'his' shell... and guess what!
well, 1. the junk is just minor superficial fungus and should be fine after a few applications of jock itch cream. yes.
and 2. Mao is a GIRL! calling him a her is taking some getting used to. I don't know how I feel about this yet. But it makes sense. This is one dramatic turtle we are talking about. hyperventilating when I take her out of the tank.. dancing on the water when she's hungry (which is all the time) and even swimming backwards when she gets too excited. explains a lot.

ps. that pic is really old. like oct 09 old. She's much bigger now. ahh!

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Stephanie said...

WHAT???!!! Mao is a girl?!

This is definitely a strange turn of events. Mao has always been a trickster though. We shouldn't be surprised! Does this mean that CJ can be her boyfriend now? I knew they were meant to be together