Sunday, October 3, 2010

chi town

Last week, I got to go to Chicago!! woo hooooo I had three missions while in the windy city: visit friends who I hadn't seen in a while, go to the Architecture for Change summit on affordable housing, and see some architecture icons!

First stop, the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower (now called Willis tower, boo.)

buildings just get eaten up by the clouds!

The city also looks fabulous at night from the 60th floor of steve's apt.

Kathryn and I went to Millennium park to visit the bean!

and held some eyeballs:

and I got to see some Calder sculptures, with my favorite architect (Mies van der Rohe) in the background.

and then, visit Marina City (the round building) which, ironically, is designed by Mies' understudy.

Oh Chicago, I'll be back to visit your too many museums and stare at your monet paintings another time.

ps. hopefully I will be able to compose my thoughts enough to create a post about the architecture summit, but we shall see about that one. I'm not really known for my eloquence. HA

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