Saturday, April 23, 2011

giant doily

so I saw a rug on Oh Joy!, its actually the rug in her house that looks like a giant knit pattern.. I did some searching and found the same rug for about $800, just a wee bit out of my price range. I searched and searched for alternatives, but nothing I found was very affordable (for me).
On my search, I found this artist, Jean Lee, who crochets the mega doily rug.... which is SO AWESOME, but also out of my price range. So I decided, I'd just have to experiment and make one for myself.

I headed out to the fabric store, and got two 10-yard samples of rope (one was rope, and one a rope-ish thing that you use to make trim). I knitted several different patterns and styles, and crochet-ed the crap out of those two 10-yard pieces.. but 10 yards would only get me an 8"x8" square, and I would have to spend over $150 for the 5x7 rug I want... not sure if I wanted to invest $150 in a DIY project that might not work, and would be WHITE (probably for only a short time.. hah), I scrapped that idea.

Then, I remembered I had bought a hot pink, king size, jersey knit sheet set for like $8, and already used part of it for its intended project.. so I cut the rest of it up into 2" strips, crocheted by hand, and voila the hot pink doily was born.

Its pretty fun.. not to sure where it will go though.. its only about 3' diameter. I really want to do it again in another color, with some different crochet patterns. And I still realllyyy like the knit-look, but it just didn't look right with the jersey fabric.


Mel said...

these are AWESOME!!!

Laura said...

that looks wonderful Jena. It makes me happy to see a hot pink rug thing. I like it better than both of the other ones.

Anne said...

Would LOVE to know what size hook you used, and how wide the strips were.

jena said...

Hi Anne,

I cut them into 2" strips, and just used my fingers to crochet. I tried using the largest hook I had on hand (maybe a K?) but it didn't work, and was a lot easier to just use my fingers.

good luck if you try it! have fun!