Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend in austin

this past weekend, mom and I took a trip over to Austin for my UT architecture open house! we stayed in my parents' new-ish house.. I built this chandelier for them for Christmas, and I finally got to see it installed and in action:

saw the idea at an anthropologie store, and decided, hey, I could build that! so I did.
they look a little uneven in this picture, but I fixed it later.

while I was in open houses, mom worked on mosaics..

Ps. open house went pretty well, there are some things that I think it was lacking in their presentation, but that's ok. It will take a LOt of getting used to - big departure from berkeley.

anyway, we looked at a few potential housing options, and then went to goodwill. where I hit the jackpot. Found this taiwanese tea set:

and a sheepies! mug for my growing green mug collection.

and these plates.. "Golden Meadow" by Sheffield. I found out that these plates are worth $10 each! and I got.. a lot for $8. There are also really cute teacups, a teapot, and salt and pepper shakers that go with this line.. maybe I'll acquire those at some other point.

and my favorite picture from the weekend:


Stephanie said...

all the pic links are broken??

jena said...

ok, thank you for telling me! I think I fixed it..

I usually upload straight from picasa, and so something is wrong right now, and it was only making a localhost link to the pictures instead of putting them in my picasa web albums and linking from there. i reported the problem, so hopefully they'll fix it soon!