Sunday, June 26, 2011

estate sales.

so, lately, i've been going to lots of estate sales and resale shops. I am trying my hardest not to buy a lot of new stuff for my apartment, and instead am looking for quality used items that I can give a second life to, and maybe save from the garbage heap.

anyway, lately, i've found some pretty awesome things, and I thought I would take the opportunity to share them with you.

First up, this paper towel, wax paper, and foil holder! It is copper and pink, and you mount it on the wall or inside a cupboard for easy access... I did a little internet research and it was manufactured in the early 50's. also, it was made by "Beautyware" so you can't really beat that!

Then, yesterday I scored all of these cameras and a lot of other stuff! (it was a fill up a paper grocery sack with whatever you want for $10). Two of them still have film in them, (35mm and 110), so I'm planning on using up the rest of it, get it developed and if there is anything of import, hopefully I can send the pics back to the family.

THEN, I saw this beauty. Sunbeam stand mixer - with a lamp! It had all of the parts, and the previous owner kept all of the manuals and warranty information.

Once I got home and took a closer look, I found where she had written the day it was purchased on the inside cover: April 21, 1981, from Foley's. Then, I noticed something familiar on the cover of a pie booklet that came with it too:

She bought it from Womack's Minimax: which was my grandpa's (Lounds Samuel Womack sr.) grocery store!! He opened the store before my grandparents were married, and owned it for 30+ years, opening a few others in the area. We have a great picture of him on opening day: he rode an elephant around the store. haha anyway, that was a fun surprise.

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Laura said...

CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!! It's come full circle. :)