Monday, June 6, 2011

new (old) art

I finally got some of my stuffs framed.. I've had all this lying around forevs, and finally found frames for them..

I got the idea of framing various currency from Hob Lob - no joke. There was a print of all this old money in the framed art dept. I thought it was a great way to display the bills I've collected from different countries, instead of keeping them hidden in an envelope. They are so pretty, and works of art in their own right - how dare they be hidden away. If you have some old or foreign currency stowed away, I definitely suggest digging it out and displaying it!
And this fun painting will keep mao bi company for a while..

she was pretty excited about it!

I scored this frame at a storage complex clean out - 1 pound of stuff = $1. and painted it green .. and the photograph was given to me.. This lady at my cousin's church donated her entire house and all of the contents to the church for them to sell. She was an amateur photographer and had all these really cool photos from the 50s and 60s.

and I made this clock a few weeks ago.. less than $5. gotta love hobby lobby.

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