Wednesday, November 11, 2009

this one

goes out to the one i love.

this is a post to show my collection of b&w fish eyes. i know you are all dying to see them. hah

first up, bday celebrations..

just cause i really like my shoes. :)

bday roses.. thanks stephie!

now off to santa clara..

carolyn's favorite house.

oh the palm trees.. i've been kind of scared of them ever since i heard of people being killed by falling palms :/ makes those 9-story tall palm trees in Berkeley a little scary

and greg and I at the air show weeeee

it was game day.. even though cal is embarrassing me this year, i still have to represent.


Stephanie said...

b&w fisheye is a magical experience! 白黑照片鱼眼睛真有意思的经理。。。that does not make sense in zhongwen AT ALL...loves it.

Laura said...

Wow, these turned out nice. :)