Monday, November 16, 2009

happy bday

Saturday was Where My Feets Have Been's one year birthday!

so, in celebration, I'm posting some Feets highlights from the past year. get ready for a lengthy post!

we took soo many trips to get street food:

relaxed on some beaches:

fed some monkeys:

ate lots of korean barbeque:

prepared for below 0 temperatures:

wished you a merry christmas!

danced in the new year:

took LOTS of trains:

experienced monsoon season in malaysia:

walked above the jungle:

were pampered in vietnam:

took some tiny planes:

admired the streets of central asia:

and made it safely back to houston.

wow, what a year!


Stephanie said...


Aubrey said...

I loves your feets... and I loves you TOO!!!

I remember the birth of this baby... oh they grow up so fast!

Kristin said...

Awww, this is SO great! I am delighted that I re-discovered your blog! =), and a little sad that it took me this long. =0 I LOVE it! And I am so inspired by you and Stephanie this makes me really want to start blogging again. =)