Sunday, November 15, 2009

the f-a-r-m

this weekend I went up to Willis / New Waverly to visit my grandparents.

They live on our family farm, and I hadn't been there in soooo long!

i drove down the country road to get to the Womack gate:

My grandparents live in a big house, but I stayed in the little red guest house. It used to be a milk house, but my other grandma transformed it into a guest house in the 50's. this is where my family always stays when we come up. When I was a kid, we would get excited about sleeping in the 3-tiered bunk beds.

we hand fed some babies...

and i took the required jumping pic by the pond.

ps. we have to spell out 'farm' because the dogs know the word, and they'll go crazy if they hear it.


cinr said...

why do the dogs go crazy?

jena said...

they love love love the farm because its open land and they get to run around and swim in the pond all they want. they get all dirty while we are there, and have to sleep for like a week after to recover. but they know 'farm' and when they see the ice chests go outside they also get anxious. so we have to sneak out the front door sometimes when we aren't going to the farm.