Sunday, July 12, 2009

name stamp

i finally got my name carved in stone. hah that sounds funny

anyway, its a traditional name stamp thing.. they used to use these in the old days because a lot of people couldn't write, so this was used as their signature. Now, artists use them on their paintings and old people use them to sign bank info. i think they are pretty cool

my name is 韩吉娜, han ji na.

anyway, guess who is leaving the country again? me!

tomorrow, we are heading out to central asia.. sooner than expected because of a lot of visa issues. so i am running around trying to get things done.. actually i am sitting around thinking of all of the things i need to do.. anyway. i'll be out for about 4 weeks and back in east asia on august 15, that is, if i can get a visa to come back... oh visas. I will have very limited internet access while i'm gone.. but send me emails anyway!

see you all in 4 weeks!

ps. i'm scheduling some posts from our travels.. so yeah... they will post while i am gone. enjoy!

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