Sunday, June 6, 2010


Last week, i spent my spare time pool side. We have a pretty big pool next door that's used as a neighborhood pool. Usually there is a week or two between the opening of the pool and the end of school.. which means lots of peaceful time in the pool sans kids.

When I was little, my friend and I would fill balloons up with water and throw them in the pool.. I know.. not very smart.. but if you let all of the air out, they just kind of blob around the pool (yes, i did just use the word blob as a verb) and look really cool. We took pictures with an underwater camera one time, but it was too dark, and they didn't turn out.. ever since i've REALLY wanted to do it again. But my parents are so paranoid about them popping in the pool and clogging the filter and whatnot..

Anyway, the other day, i went over to the pool to try it out again.. I was very careful to make sure none of the balloons popped

I think it turned out pretty cool.. but the ziploc I put my camera in kind of distorted the photos..

I really want to try it again with a real underwater camera.. more balloons, and some friends to swim through them.. anyone up for it?


Stephanie said...

Jena. This is FEICHANG cool!! I shall use blob as a verb from now on as well

Greg G said...

Sounds awesome. Let me know when you do it so I can find out if I will be at work!

Aubrey said...

i want to blog around with some balloons in your snazzy neighborhood pool! :) I'll be there in ... 64 days or take!

Laura said...

MEEEE! I WANNA DO THIS. I miss you Jena Hammond.