Friday, June 25, 2010

sandcastles in the saaanndd

on Thursday, Greg and I went down to G-town (Galveston) for a mini photo shoot. going from my house, to car, to hobby lobby, doesn't make for interesting ground shots, and I needed to replenish my stash.
We stopped by our Galveston house.. It was built in 1905, and had been abandoned for about 20 years when my parents bought it. They spent 3? years restoring it.. I thought I had posted about it before, but I guess not. It miraculously survived Hurricane Ike with only 3 feet of water in the first floor. While my parents were here in Houston, without power, I was in East Asia looking at this house from a satellite image on the city's website. I was able to tell them the house was still there, and the roof was intact. It only took them a couple of weekends to get it ready for the our renters to move back in.

My dad recently built this brick walkway in the backyard... he's so skilled. hah

guess who built that porch on the second floor?? none other than yours truly.

After stopping by the house, we went over to the strand for milkshakes and to look at the cool buildings.. THIS building survived the 1900 Storm, and 8? feet of water with Ike.

Oh Galveston, and your smelly beaches...

and murky water.

we still love you.

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