Monday, June 14, 2010

etsy shop!

guess what?

I have an etsy shop! I put all of the photos up a while ago.. my lovely cousin Taylor modeled for me.

I only have 5 bags for sale.. haha but maybe I will get around to making some more soon.. I am playing with cool designs in my head, so we will see where that leads.

I also won the JACKPOT when I stumbled across my grandma's stash of sewing machine feet.. I see lots of piping and zippers in my future. hehe

I'll keep you updated when I update the shop... for now, just trying to get rid of these bags, so I can make some more jena-like ones.

edit: sorry! i forgot to link... here it is.. jenateresa


Digsy said...

Why didn't you link to it?? Or maybe I has the dumb and just can't see it...

Stephanie said...

Coolest etsy store ever!!!