Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a cappella

My freshman year roommate, was an amazing singer, and was involved in A Cappella all four years.. That year, I think I went to every single one of her shows.. even though I am not the biggest fan of a cappella.. I even made Carolyn come with me to a lot of them!

Every show, I always bought her flowers.. we went so often that Moe, the florist, knew me by name and would sometimes give me free extra flowers.. I think my freshman year was all about flowers.. I think there were CONSTANTLY flowers in my room for me or Allison.. for birthdays, shows, and just because. For valentine's day that year, I got this HUGE box from 1800flowers and Carolyn and her roommate signed for it and were sooo excited that maybe I had a secret admirer or something.. they got me all excited, I opened it to see two dozen red roses.. we ripped open the card, and who was it from? my mom.
so disappointing! sorry, mom. hahaha

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