Sunday, March 13, 2011


I don't remember which bay cruise this was... I have been on several. the 08/05 seems like it would be either august, 2005, or the 5th of august. I don't recall going on this cruise in august of 05, and i was only in ca on august 5 one year, and I didn't go on the tour. so yeah..

The first time I went on this was with Carolyn and Marcus. We had been in the dorms for a month and they decided that it was time for me to get my first taste of in-n-out. M checked on his phone and found the closest one was at pier 39.. so off to the city we went. We got off the bart at Powell, and in our infinite wisdom decided to WALK to the wharf. We followed the trolley lines and had an adventure.. we dressed up as disney princesses, took part in a protest, and got flipped off by some Stanfurdians on a scavenger hunt. When we finally got to the pier, it just happened to be the day the Blue Angels were there. So we had a fantastic day at in-n-out, and watched the blue angels from a boat in the bay. awesome.

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