Friday, July 10, 2009

a big nest.

also while we were up north, we were able to visit this place that might look familiar....

designed and built by Herzog and de Meuron the same guys that built the deYoung museum in SF! even though i think the deYoung functions horribly as a museum, i think this nest makes a very good... nest.

i spent a lot of time in arch 160 (construction) studying this building so it was really awesome to see it in person..

and it also looks good at night:

and the cube.. this was a team project by a bunch of guys i don't remember.. Oh and the PTW architects.

all the bubbles on the outside (and inside) are made of this plastic that comes in sheets and can be stretched.. it is double layered, stretched on a steel frame.. so, when air is blown in between the sheets, it makes a bubble! this plastic stuff is awesome.. it is lighter and more energy efficient than glass, and its recyclable! it was also used in the Eden Project.

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Stephanie said...

that's my jena...putting all of that arch business to such good use