Thursday, July 9, 2009

the wall.

while we were exploring the north, we were able to jump on a bus full of laowai and drive out to see this awesome wall! which may look familiar...

so this section of the wall was built over 2200 years ago, and was restored in 1984, so that's why it looks all new. stretching over 4000 miles long it is also known as the longest cemetery in the world. because a lot of men traveled way outside the city to build the wall, and many of them died in the process, instead of hauling them back to the city, they just buried them under/in the wall. isn't that awesome?!?

and then we climbed this crazy steep part:

view from the top.. so worth the climb!

and our feets from the top!

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Greg G said...

I really like the sky in that 2nd picture Jena! That must have been an amazing experience. I hope that I will get to go exploring like this one day.