Tuesday, July 7, 2009


last week, we went bowling for family time! and our school IDs that MaLaoshi scored for us got us in for ... wait for it... FREE. awesome!

it was all-in-all a great time. and even though i've been bowling for a long time, and have been to more than my share of rock-n-bowls, i still can't get it right. i probably averaged something like a 70.
i will blame it on the fact that the lanes appear to not have been waxed in the last 2 decades, the machine kept ignoring my spares, and we had to switch lanes at some point because the pin-monster kept trying to eat my upright pins.

anyway, you would think that bowling in another country would translate well. and for the most part it does. but then, you go to enter your name into the keyboard and it looks like this:


Tiny's Thoughts said...

Aww I miss rock n bowl and destroying you every time. we need to go sometime when you get home and settled!

Laura said...

haha, you are looking at the Taiwanese alphabet right there right there.