Monday, July 6, 2009

we're back.

we're back from a short jaunt in two cities.. it was great to get out and see some more of this mysterious land.. and we got to go to some of the oldest cities in the country!

my feets are scrubbed clean, freshly painted, with an awesome sandals tan and so so swollen due to the 18 hour train ride i spent sitting on a wooden bench. oh poor toes.
more about our adventures to come shortly..

in other news, in the last couple of weeks i realized i have been dreaming of this foreign land called america. every time i think about going back to the states i realize i am totally romaticizing america... i feel like all the mouses on fievel singing, "there are no cats in america and the streets are paved in cheeeseee." someone get this out of my head!

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