Sunday, February 20, 2011


This was also on my wall for a while. When I first moved to California, my mom gave me this book called, "San Francisco Weird." It has a TON of weird things to do.. from Da Vinci's Camera Obscura, to the acid blotter museum, to the fortune cookie factory.. and of course, Audium.

It was on my list of things to do from 2004 to 2006, when I crossed it off the list. Having only the description that it was a musical mastermind, from the 60's, that would basically blow your brain to bits, we jumped on the bus.. well, bus to bart to muni.. to go to Audium.

tickets are cheap: only $15 for the most INTENSE musical experience of your entire LIFE.
and you get to explore this weird dimly lit museum first to get you in the mood.

after, you go sit in this round room with speakers all around you. you are instructed not to make ANY noise, and not to move.. not to even touch the person sitting next to you, in pitch black darkness. the neon exit signs kind of ruined the mood, but what can you do? and then the program starts. it lasts an hour.. and we were definitely expecting a musical experience.. but it was more like a bunch of weird/odd noises coming from all sides.. bombarding each other and you.

I'm glad I went, otherwise I would have wondered about this mysterious audium for the rest of my life.. but we all agreed that it probably would have been much more enjoyable if we lived in the 60's and were all tripping on acid.

You can read more about Audium here.

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Greg G said...

Im not sure why, but I really like the typography used in that poster.