Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the international noise conspiracy

my ticket to the show..

That semester, my friend D and I went to sooo many shows.. mostly by obscure bands I had never heard of.. Most of the time they were in Berkeley or Oakland; but for this one, we ventured across the bay into the City. I remember getting off the BART and having absolutely no idea where we were.. it was already pretty late, and we weren't in a very good looking neighborhood (around civic center). so once we figured out where we were, we pretty much ran to the venue. then we had a great time at the show, but had to leave early to catch the last Richmond train at 12:20. and then we got on the Pittsburgh/Bay Point train and had to wait at the Macarthur station in the cold for the transfer.

You should try to check out the (international) noise conspiracy .. I only have like.. 4 of their songs on my comp, one of them is called Capitalism Stole my Virginity. so you know they're good. haha

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