Saturday, February 26, 2011

my whole life.

I had this word doc on my computer (rip bobby) that was called "My Whole Life" and every semester I would try to plan out the rest of the classes I would take at cal. I tried sooo hard to get everything figured out ahead of time, so that I knew exactly which classes to sign up for, I knew what semester and time they were offered.. I wanted to take every Architecture class offered.. and make sure I had all of my 120 units lined up for graduation.

Well, every semester, the whole thing changed again. As much as I tried to plan it out.. nothing ever went according to plan. This one was evidently printed in Fall 06. That semester I was frustrated because I was Waitlisted! for my last required studio course (because there were 4th years still needing to take it). I signed up for photo instead (waitlisted again). One day they tell me I am not admitted into studio, but I am IN photo.. then a week later, the studio professor calls me and tells me I'm In. So, I drop photo to take studio. In the process, I made the photo professor really mad and she never let me into her class again :/ haha

Also, through all this planning, I didn't account for the unexpected.. like my senior thesis option. and since I put off my American Cultures credit until the last semester.. i know, stupid, I had to take summer sessions after graduation. now THAT was an interesting class. Never taking a women's studies course again, thank you Berkeley.

I also didn't get to take every architecture course. :( I missed one - structures.
I did, however, have a class on every floor of Wurster.. including the secret 10th floor only accessible by stair. Thank you thesis language instruction/wine and cheese discussion nights for that one!

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Laura said...

omg, this picture makes me super nostalgic for Berkeley.