Saturday, February 26, 2011

the master

So, back in 2006 (i guess it was) this guy was featured in some ad in the daily cal. L and I saw it and joked about going.. who was this grand master they spoke of? We decided we just had to check it out.. so one day we ventured over to SF to check out this master artist. Well, as usual, we got pretty lost, and had to walk a long time in the rain before finding the place. But it was well worth it.

The pamphlets for this guy were ridiculous! one paragraph quotes:

"It is precisely due to his unfathomable Buddha-dharma realization that the Master has acquired erudition and penetrating understanding of the laws that govern the growth and change of everything in the universe. He has thereby attained the highest philosophy, vocal performances, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, application of colors to portray realistic rock texture and rock grains, medicine, and science. No one in history can match such achievements! The Master truly deserves to be called a great master the likes of which have never been seen in history! Because of this, today we can stroll in this inexhaustibly profound, rare, and beautiful world of art and enjoy one after another ingenious work that retains Nature's spirit and form but transcends its superlative craftsmanship."

and that is just ONE paragraph! this guy is.. ridiculous!

There was this only sculpture that looked like melted Styrofoam, painted different colors.. it was supposedly worth $2 million.. and could NEVER be replicated. Many had tried, but the work of this master artist is unreproducible and actually could never even be produced by human hands.. so apparently Master Wan Ko Yee claims to be a god?
He also claims to be the master of 21 different forms of art, and has the most accomplishments of anyone in the universe.

check out his propaganda site here. and here.

after the 'show' we of course went to get sushi and I tried a bunch of stuff for the first and only time..I can't even remember.. mussels? idk.

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