Friday, February 25, 2011

pete yorn

This story starts loong ago. When I was like 15, my family took a random trip to the land of Appalachia. Actually, it wasn't that random.. it was my mom's cousin's 50th birthday, and she wanted us to climb a mountain for her birthday. Actually that does sound kind of random..

Anyway, we stayed at many different places over the course of like, 2 weeks. One place we were staying in had tv, and I was lucky enough to sleep on the couch at that place, which meant I could watch tv all night if I wanted. So, one night, I was up late watching this music station that just played music videos all the time. There were two artists that I caught my eye/ears that night.. one was John Mayer singing No Such Thing and jumping around on cafeteria tables.. and the other was Pete Yorn.. If you haven't seen the video for For Nancy, its pretty good.. I hadn't heard of either of these people before, so as soon as I got home I bought both their albums.

Fast forward about 6? years.. I'm walking down Telegraph, and I stop in Rasputin to check out who will be around playing free shows.. who's name do I see but Pete Yorn's. So, I finally got to see him live, while squished in the dvd section of Rasputin.. it was awesome.

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